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A photocopier is a device that copies the photos or words written on a previous page

Fuji Xerox was the first company to invent the device and nowadays is considered the roll royce of the copier world. If you have ever purchased or leased a problematic device you would know that spending the extra $30 per month is no big loss compared to having to put up with a terrible device.

Printers are generally an overlooked cost associated with any business. The general cost of print per page is around.028cents if you are purchasing your own toners. If leasing a photocopier you should be able to reduce per page costs down to .05cents – 1.4cents pending on your volume of print.

A good salesman should focus on your needs and help you choose a device that is suitable for the office environment you are in. Whether the office is big or small generally a photocopier device will be present.

If you are not happy with the copier in your organization and wish to lease a new printer we are always happy to provide a free quote. Regardless of your budget there is always a solution for your needs providing you print more than 40 pieces of paper per day. We realise small business some times do not see the need to lease a device however you would be amazed at how much time and money a lease can save a business over a five year period. No more ordering toners no more paying a maintenance man for a 5 minute fix the benefits seriously outweigh the loses.